Teaching Approach

I am passionate about teaching. I believe that teaching offers the best opportunity for critically engaging with students and sharing my excitement for issues in environment and development as well as the regions of eastern and southern Africa, where I conduct the bulk of my research.

My approach to teaching centres on four key commitments:

Passion: I am committed to communicating my passion for human-environment relations to students. I infuse my teaching with a personal touch: I rely heavily on anecdotes from my own research experience. I try to engage students by assembling course readings that are diverse and relevant. I also rely heavily on real-life examples and guest lectures to provide insight into how material presented in class is operationalized in the professional world.

Fairness: I strive to be patient and consistent in my dealings with students. I work hard to construct creative assignments that meaningfully assess learning objectives. I have also developed specific grading schemes for each course that I teach, so that students know exactly which criteria their evaluation will be based on.

Accessibility: I make an effort to be as accessible as possible. I begin each course with a comprehensive outline of my availability, and encourage students to email or drop by during my office hours as the need arises.

Innovation: I am aim to offer active and innovative forms of instruction. I believe that successful teaching involves taking risks by integrating new teaching techniques. I utilize creative means of stimulating discussion to reduce the monotony of the traditional lecture format, including small group exercises, debates, and (my favourite) role-play simulations.

Courses taught

I have taught a range of courses on issues of environment and development, including courses on global environmental politics, environmental geography, community development, political ecology, environmental security and development in practice.

In the past, I have taught:

  • INTD/CANA 1103 Halifax and the World 
  • INTD 2001 Introduction to International Development 
  • SUST 2001 Environment, Sustainability, and Governance
  • INTD 3002 Development in Practice
  • INTD 3014 Community Development
  • INTD 3103 Participatory Development
  • INTD 3104 Community Development in Comparative Perspective
  • INTD 3114 Environment and Development 
  • INTD 4012 Honours Thesis Course
  • INTD 4013 Environmental Security and Conflict
  • INTD 5002 GradSeminar Research and Design 

In 2021/22 I will be teaching the following:

Fall semester (2021)

  • INTD 5002 GradSeminar Research and Design

Winter semester (2022)

  • INTD/CANA 1103 Halifax and the World