Meer & Schnurr. (2013). The community versus community-based natural resource management: The case of Ndumo game reserve, South Africa. Canadian Journal of Development Studies, 34(4), 482-497.

Written with one of my former MA students, this article investigates the escalating violence directed by community members towards the Ndumo game reserve in South Africa, which has pitted residents against the reserve they are invested in as owners and managers. We argue that the destruction and violence at Ndumo are best understood as an …

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Schnurr. (2011). Breeding for insect-resistant cotton across imperial networks, 1924-1950. Journal of Historical Geography, 37(2), 223-231.

This paper investigates the elevated expectations and dramatic downturns of the Empire Cotton Growing Corporation’s African experimentation program. It follows the trials of U.4, an insect-resistant variety bred to withstand continental growing conditions, whose expansion through east and southern Africa was filled with promise but ended in disappointment. Full-text (protected) | Pre-publication version