Research Team


Sarah Mujuzi

Research Coordinator

Sarah Mujuzi is the research coordinator for the project investigating farmer attitudes and intentions to adopt Genetically Modified matooke banana in Uganda. Sarah’s academic background is in agricultural management: she has an M.Sc. in Management of Natural Resources and Sustainable Agriculture from the Agricultural University of Norway and an M.Sc. in Agriculture from Makerere University. Sarah has worked as a program analyst (energy and environment) for the United Nations Development Program and a Resource Mobilization Manager for VEDCO, one of Uganda’s most established agricultural NGOs.

Rodgers Atwooki

Logistics Coordinator

Rodgers Atwooki is the logistics coordinator for all research undertaken in Uganda.  He manages transportation, coordinates scheduling, and knows the back routes of Kampala better than anyone.

Alanna Taylor

Alanna Taylor

Research Coordinator

Alanna Taylor is a Research Coordinator at Dalhousie University. She works on SSHRC and Erasmus+ funded research initiatives that study the implications of new agricultural biotechnology developments across Africa.

Anna Myronenko

Research Assistant

Anna completed her BA (Honours) in Labour Studies at Brock University. Her research interests include gender and development, environmental justice, and farmer empowerment.  Anna’s thesis is focused on the evaluation of WEMA - Water Efficient Maize for Africa -  and its impact on the lived experiences of women farmers in Kenya and their ability to exercise control over production, resources, and income.


Selam Abdella

Research Coordinator

Selam completed her BA (Combined Honours) in International Development Studies and Political Science at Dalhousie University. She has worked as a communications and knowledge management specialist at a digital agricultural platform in Ethiopia. Her research interests include Indigenous knowledge perspectives in international development, participatory methodologies, and feminist approaches to development.
Selam undertakes research activities focusing on the impacts of digital agriculture on smallholder farmers in Ethiopia.